Paper discussions

During these sessions, we would like to experiment a special format of scientific presentation with three Paper Discussions.

Akin to the Faraday Discussions of the Royal Society of Chemistry, our Paper Discussions will have a special format to discuss a few research papers that we selected among the recent papers published in Photonics by Belgian research groups.

The audience is warmly invited to read the papers ahead of our meeting. The speakers will summarise the key findings of their papers within 5 min. The rest of the time slot (i.e. the main part of it) will be devoted to discussion, in which all attendees can participate.

With such a special format, we aim at experimenting a new format of presentation that should foster interaction between the speakers and the audience. All attendees at the meeting, not just speakers, will have the opportunity to make comments, ask questions, or present complementary or contradictory measurements and calculations during the discussion.

We need your active participation to make this paper discussion a success!

Please read the following papers and note any question about its content: the method, the subject, the research area...

 Questions can be asked live during the related paper discussion session, in the chat or they can be previously sent by email:


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